Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory


  • Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory

    The VLL provides technological infrastructure for the fabrication and inspection of functional nanostructures. The facility specialises in high-resolution charged particle-beam lithography down to sub-10 nm details and materials structuring using advanced reactive plasmas.

    Technical Specifications

    • 6000 m2,  lab space and offices
    • 3000 m2 modular cleanroom areas (ISO-class 5 or better)
    • Compliant with the latest cleanroom standards
    • Vibration-free segments and segments with EM shielding available
  • State-of-the-art equipment

    • Lithography (electron and ion beam, optical)
    • Wet chemical processing
    • Thin-film deposition (evaporation, sputtering, atomic layer deposition, PECVD)
    • Dry etching (RIE, ICP)
    • Inspection (such as SEM, HIM, TEM, SPM techniques, optical microscopy)
    • High-precision optics manufacturing and qualification

    A national nanotechnology facility

    Through the VLL, TNO and TU Delft participate in the national consortium NanoLab NL which, together with its partners, aims at providing a coherent and accessible infrastructure for nanotechnological research and innovation in the Netherlands and beyond.
    New users in the VLL are trained in basic safety and technology procedures before being granted access to the facility.
    For more information, please visit here.