TU Delft

TU Delft

  • Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

    The faculty of Aerospace Engineering is one of the world’s largest faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering. It is the only research and education institute in the Netherlands engaged in research and teaching that is directly related to the aerospace engineering sector. It covers the whole spectrum of aerospace engineering subjects, and explores vital related fields such as wind energy. The faculty is home to around 2,500 BSc and MSc students, 214 PhD candidates and 27 professors supported by scientific staff.

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  • TU Delft Space Institute

    Spaceflight serves scientific, economic and societal needs. The TU Delft Space Institute contributes to the space sector with ground-breaking research. And since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the institute demonstrates new techniques on missions in space. “Miniaturization is reshaping spaceflight”, says Eberhard Gill, director of TU Delft Space Institute. “By doing innovative interdisciplinary research our institute contributes to renewing spaceflight.” Sensing from Space, Distributed Space Systems and Space Robotics are the three focal themes of TU Delft Space Institute.

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