Precision Optics Manufacturing Center

  • The precision optical manufacture center covers a total area of more than 15855m2. It is installed with large-diameter mirror optical processing, test and plating laboratories as well as optical processing and comprehensive optical development experiment districts. It functions as an integrated unit of processing, tests and integration processes. The optical processing center has 23 staff engaged in various disciplines including 5 doctorates, 13 masters and 5 bachelor’s degrees. Their majors covers the related fields of optics, mechanics, material, data analysis and image processing, etc, concerning various factors necessary to project development in the institute.

    The center possesses 2m large-scale DMG lightweight processing equipment, 1.6m large-scale polishing CNC, 2m large-scale ion-beam polishing machine, 2m large-scale film-plating machine, 1.6m large-scale profile meter, 2m tri-CMM, 4D dynamic laser interferometer, 2m intelligent manipulator milling and polishing machine, roughness tester and various other processing and test equipment.

  • 001

  • 0022m intelligent manipulator polishing machine

  • 0032m large-scale ion-beam polishing machine

  • 004Roughness tester

  • 0052m large-scale DMG lightweight processing equipment

  • 0061.6m large-scale polishing CNC

  • 0071.6m large-scale profile meter

  • The precision optical manufacture center manufactures the products through five main processes. It has the ability of full-loop optical processing from lightweight processing to intensive polishing and plating film, etc.

    Various materials can be processed including glass materials such as microcrystalline glass, fused quartz, ceramics materials such as silicon, silicon carbide, metal materials such as aluminum, nickel as well as polycrystalline materials such as KDP, etc.

  • 008Product types and manufacture processes

Technical capacity

    • 5-axis 5-linkage (X/Y/Z/B/C)
    • Processing diameter ≤ 2000mm
    • Lightweight rate higher than 85%
    • Accuracy of shape and position above 0.02mm
    • Surface index PV less than 0.02mm
    • Roughness under 2um
    • High accuracy of shape and position of side nesting holes
    • Micro-stress processing suitable for super-hard materials
    • Ability to process structures with sophisticated holes / special-shape holes
  • 011Lightweight and Milling/grinding products 1-3

  • 010

  • 011

  • Polishing CNC technology

    • Ability to finish and polish co-axial or off-axial or high-order aspheric mirrors
    • Utilize the idea of digital processing to build process database and digital virtual machining module
    • Base on process tests to build process parameter matrix database. Process diameter can be high as 1600 mm and process accuracy can be high as 1/50 λ
  • 012Process parameter simulation

  • 013Sample of SIC mirror

  • 014Large-diameter mirror polishing and test 1-2

  • 015

  • Intelligent manipulator
    polishing technology

    Establish the working function model and carry out the multi-parameter combination and optimization experimental studies. On the basis of removing the surface damage layer left from previous process, the surface accuracy of optical element is effectively improved combining the processing tool of iterated multi-dimension manipulator;

    • Employ the processing method of MDOF intelligent manipulator to keep the machining tool perpendicular to normal direction of mirror in real time;
    • Integrate highly the processing parameters to realize quantitative removal during the process. 30% of convergence rate completely avoid dependence on human operation;
    • Process diameter can be high as 2m and process accuracy can be high as 1/50λ. The roughness can be low as 2nm;
    • Control effectively the error of medium-high frequency.
  • 016Setting and optimization of process parameters

    017Analysis of removal function

Ion-beam precision polishing technology

    • The largest global commercial 2m-diameter ion-beam processing machine has a processing accuracy better than λ/100 rms;
    • Optimized solving algorithm of dwell function for 3-axis machining;
    • Stress-free clamping technique;
    • Stability of removal function better than 5%.
  • 018Performance test of removal function

  • 0190.4-F number of microcrystalline glass sample processed with accuracy higher than λ/100 rms

  • 020

  • Optical element film-plating technology

    The optical processing center can plate large-diameter mirrors and narrow band-pass filters and provide the products stable firmness of finished products and good uniformity, etc. The plat able diameter can be high as 2000 mm and film uniformity can be within 5%. The reflectivity within visible and near infrared spectrum bands can be above 98%. The element surface deformation after plating is under λ/50 PV.

  • 021Large-scale film-plating machine and film uniformity design 1-2