• About Nedinsco

    Nedinsco has been involved with developing high-quality systems consisting of optical, mechanical and electrical technologies since 1921. We are providing our customers with cost-effective, reliable, sophisticated and high-quality opto-mechatronic systems with our extensive engineering, production knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities, enabling them to become more successful. Our goal is to supply our customers with qualified serial products and to be able to manage the complete life cycle of the product, starting with a basic customer idea up to the service and after-sales.

    Recently, Nedinsco launched its ‘your vision – our optical solution’ brand promise, which marked a new way forward. ‘Your vision – our optical solution’ reflects Nedinsco’s commitments to be a market driven company that provides products and services that fulfill the promise of being designed around the customer. Our advanced technical knowledge and skills represent the essence of the Nedinsco brand.

  • History

    Nedinsco was founded by the German company Carl Zeiss Jena in 1921. The company first started in Vlissingen, but Nedinsco moved to an existing location in Venlo after a short period of time and gradually moved to newly built premises (under Bauhaus architecture) at the same location, which was finished in 1928. Nedinsco became a highly qualified supplier of optical measuring devices for many years; submarine periscopes; cameras and signal lights for the global defence market. When the Carl Zeiss Jena ownership ended, Nedinsco was taken over by the Dutch State and from 1953 Nedinsco became a privately owned company, which it still is.

    The product portfolio shifted over the years, from optical devices for defence only, to high-quality optical, mechanical and electronic systems for civil, semiconductor and diagnostic applications too. With over 90 years of experience, Nedinsco is able to provide customers with high quality opto-mechatronic products and solutions. Nedinsco moved to brand new buildings in 2007, just outside the City of Venlo, in preparation for the future and further expansion. The premises are equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities and assembly departments, as well as modern offices and meeting rooms.

    For more information about Nedinsco, please visit here.