ATG Projects

  • High-end thermal, structural and flow engineering services provided to European high-tech industries

    ATG Projects provides high-end thermal, structural and flow engineering services to European high-tech industries. We are involved in research and development programs focusing on composites and their application in the aerospace, semiconductor and maritime industry. By combining a research level expertise with a down-to-earth problem solving approach, we are able to offer innovative solutions to complex issues on time, within budget.
    Using the high quality standards we already meet for over 15 years in the aerospace industry and the experience in design, analysis and optimization we have built up, we support our customers by managing throughout the whole development process, from the early stages of conceptual design up to and including full qualification and certification of the product.

  • Our experience

    Our team of multidisciplinary European top-talented engineers, supported by a dedicated recruitment department with over 30 years of experience in finding the Brightest Minds in Europe in any technical field of expertise, has been responsible for certification of various primary aircraft structures for Airbus. We have performed the complete design, analysis and verification of thermal control systems for space instruments, such as the PROBA V VI, and components of spacecraft, such as reaction wheels and propulsion systems. Currently we are the mechanical and thermal partner for OIP NV in developing the instrument for the ALTIUS mission and we support MOOG Bradford Engineering in qualifying their space hardware.

    Furthermore, ATG Europe is involved in several European Research FP7 projects.

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